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The most important requirement for an encrypting security device is ensuring privacy for data in transit over an unsecured network. CellCase is the gatekeeper for information going through untrusted networks. It provides an affordable perimeter security system delivering privacy based on high-speed cryptography for information travelling along ATM networks.The CellCase family of products is specifically designed for high-speed, high-performance networks and is the only transparent solution available. Currently, the product line includes CellCase45, 155 and 622 for DS3, OC-3c and OC-12c data rates, respectively.

CellCase Board


As data crosses the trusted/untrusted interface, CellCase encrypts each cell's payload without affecting the header - so routing information remains intact while the critical private information is protected. Encrypted cells pass through the public network safely and are decrypted when they arrive at their destinations. CellCase provides the following capabilities:

Privacy: CellCase encrypts data with a robust algorithm, keeping information out of the hands of potential adversaries.

Access Control: CellCase enforces policies defined by the security system administrator. Policy options include restricting communications to occur only between members of closed user groups and controlled access by trusted and untrusted end points.

Transparency: CellCase complies with ATM signaling standards, so it operates seamlessly between the private network and the public network. Within the secured environment, CellCase is completely transparent to end-users.

Certificate Authority: CellCase is compliant with public key certification standards and will work with established certificate authority services.

CellCase provides a workable solution to security issues because it allows business to be conducted as usual within the LAN. Only when information must exit the trusted environment does CellCase encrypt the data. All workstations, servers and other end nodes in a LAN may be protected by a single CellCase unit - - totally transparent to all network equipment and end-users.

In addition, CellCase provides immediate solutions to security concerns, well in advance of the implementation and availability of pending ATM Forum security standards. Standard-compliant solutions will be available as future product releases.

CellCase is a turnkey system with customized encryption hardware and software.


Standards Compliance: compliant with ATM Forum UNI 3.1 specifications.

Key Management: proprietary method using public key cryptography transparent to network and end-user equipment. Public Key Cryptographic Standard (PKCS) and X.509 compliant public key certificates are supported.

Key Agility: each virtual connection or virtual path established has a unique key, up to 65,534 per CellCase unit.

Encryption Algorithms: triple DES for cell payload encryption; triple DES, RSA and MD5 for key management.

Mode Agility: support for DES electronic code book (ECB) and counter modes.

Performance: full duplex encryption/decryption. Key management support for up to 35 secure calls per second.

Management: local network management is supported through text and graphical user interfaces. Remote management supported via SNMP over secure connections.


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